First Edition 2012- Second Edition with added content- 2014.

The new book is almost finished in the first draft...A hint... Based in the late 60's, the Matriarch of the family passes and now the mysteries begin to unfold...Seems like there is another member of the family that no one knew about...What happened when they were born...Where did they go...Who are they??? Piece by piece the answer is revealed with the many clues... Who in the family can see what comes next without ever knowing anything...So many mysteries...Oh, you will be surprised who it is...of course, it is revealed toward the end...but what happens when in all the time...it was right in front of their eyes...Can't wait until you read it! Peace...

LOOK FOR IT... 2018

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S. R. Lewis Author

In her book of "incidents", Falling Into Place - Touched by Divine Inspiration author S. R. Lewis recall

events detailing abuse, death and Angelic protection. Accounts of one's journey that many people experience but these adversities were touched by spiritual direction. From a young age she experienced precognitive dreams and messages that seemed like she was watching scenes from a movie. Prepare to be inspired by gifts of healing, examples of faith, hope and love. Even in the most helpless situations, feel how God healed her broken heart and carried her through the darkest moments of her life.