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This review is from: Falling Into Place: Touched By Divine Inspiration (Paperback)
Author S. R. Lewis does a wonderful job of telling her story in this AMAZING new tell-all memoir. She inspires readers to listen to "God's whispers" as she has done throughout her life. Each page will give you chills as you read through each breathtaking moment experienced in this truly magnificent narrative of true encounters that will touch your heart. The author relates to her readers in a manner that only magnifies the Lord's presence in our everyday lives. Lewis' faith and beliefs motivate readers to seek God by her powerful convictions presented in her testimonies regarding angels, "intuition", and healing powers. A great read that you will want to share with your friends, family, and anyone else you come in contact with. You will not be disappointed :)
Melissa Robbins

 Falling Into Place Touched by Divine Inspiration
by S.R. Lewis (Goodreads Author)
Jo's review
Apr 08, 16
it was amazing
Read from April 07 to 08, 2016
S.R. Lewis's book , "Falling into Place: Touched by Divine Inspiration" is an extraordinarily amazing account of her ups and downs throughout her life and how, by faith, God's direction, and listening to His voice, she became the woman she is today. Little did she know when she chose me for this giveaway, that too was divine - divine intervention. Anyone who has dealt with many losses of loved ones and those who haven't would benefit by reading this amazing woman's journey of strength and her strongth belief in Jesus Christ. I was "touched by an angel" just by receiving this gift and by reading it. The magnificently designed cover for this book of the amazingly beautiful cross in the window along with shattered glass window panes had a profound impact on me and is what "drew" me to enter the giveaway. Thank you S.R. Lewis for choosing me for an autographed copy of your book.

 Falling Into Place Touched by Divine Inspiration
by S.R. Lewis (Goodreads Author)
Keri's review
Apr 11, 16
it was amazing
Read in April, 2016
My entire life I have always said, "everything happens for a reason" and this book completely backed it up! I love hearing others stories on how things worked out, even though they had their doubts when all was falling apart. The stories in this book are true and lived through, yet uplifting and encouraging. If you are doubting things, read this nice, short read by S.R. Lewis to help bring back the faith.

This review is from: Falling Into Place: Touched By Divine Inspiration (Paperback)
A beautiful book inspired by God. For all of us who need hope and inspiration in our lives and these turbulent times, S.R. Lewis provides us faith filled stories. A recommended easy to read book. - Laura Ponticello, [...] Laura Ponticello "Chatty Cathy"

“An open heart testimony about the Divine Providence acting in the author´s life: S. R. Lewis describes in her biographical book, "Falling into Place - Touched by Divine Inspiration", the need of prayer to understand God´s will and to identify the existence of the supernatural world, describing angels and signs that Jesus Christ presents in her life. Reading Susan´s book is a God´s Blessing.” December 19, 2012 Eduardo Ramos Olivera, Screenwriter & Writer


Hi Susan-
I finally finished your book last night. I really enjoyed reading it. You have been through so much but your faith is so strong and your story can bring a lot of hope to others. I would really like to interview you on my radio show. 
Anne Costa